V&V Leathers

We provide this page free of charge to our customers.
The rules are simple, please read the following.

Provide me with a photo and all the correct information including your phone number and I will post your item.
Your photos and information will be copied and pasted directly from your email.
We are not responsible for any misspelling or incorrect information you send us.
Notify V&V Leathers when your item is sold so we can remove it.
All items for sale must be located within an area approximately 250 miles of Portland Oregon.
Please call the sellers phone number shown with the item if you need information or to purchase the item.
These are privately owned items, V&V Leathers takes no responsibility for your judgment when you make a purchase.

Any guarantee is made by the seller, NOT V&V LEATHERS.

We recommend you get any guarantees from the seller in writing.

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